Roadway Paving – Ultimate Asphalt Paving in London ON

For a cheaper alternative, choose asphalt.

With the cost of road maintenance on the rise, asphalt provides the same strength and durability as concrete but at a better price. This makes it a great option to pave roads.

Concrete is expensive. Why pay more when another material that is just as hardwearing but is cheaper and quicker to work with is readily available to anyone? Paving roadways, commercial parking lots and residential driveways with asphalt is not just cheaper than concrete but offers many benefits. For Ultimate Asphalt Paving, asphalt is the clear winner.

Asphalt is the modern choice. Unlike rigid concrete, asphalt offers flexibility thanks to its bitumen binder. This flexibility means that asphalt can readily adapt to any problems that the surface being paved on may already have. This is particularly important for roadways which may be paved over difficult territory.

Asphalt repairs are far easier and quicker to make. Repairs are a natural part of a paved surface’s life regardless of the material used. Concrete repairs tend to take some time with road closures often necessary. But asphalt can be repaired in a day!

On top of this is the fact that asphalt is 100% recyclable, meaning it has a far smaller impact on the environment. This is better for Canada’s beautiful landscape and for you!

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